Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee 2 in 1 Co-Sleeper Portable Travel Bassinet for Baby, Bedside or Freestanding, with Under Crib Storage, for Newborns and Infants, Chevron



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Mini Ezee 2 in 1

From the company that created the first patented bedside sleeper to attach to a parent’s bed, the Mini Ezee 2 in 1 from Arm’s Reach Concepts is an ideal and safe sleep solution. Like all of our Co-Sleeper bedside bassinets, the Mini-Ezee Co-Sleeper allows you and your baby to sleep comfortably next to each other from the moment your baby arrives. This attachable bedside bassinet with 4″ tall sleeping nest enables you to reach over and draw your baby close for the joy of nursing, soothing, and bonding. The best and safest place for an infant to sleep is near a parent but on a separate surface. A mini sidecar bassinet acts like a small, safe extension for your bed so you can monitor your baby at all times.

The Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee 2 in 1 is portable with easy assembly. It features side pockets and under-crib basket for all your storage needs. This versatile bassinet has two modes: co-sleeper bassinet and stand-alone bassinet. It converts easily from one mode to another and folds into a nylon travel carrying case. In freestanding mode its two wheels let you smoothly move baby from bedroom to nursery and back. Modern portable baby furniture from Arm’s Reach is great for a baby registry or to delight a new mother as a baby shower gift. Great for breastfeeding mothers or moms with C-sections.

Included with all Co-Sleeper Mini Ezee 2 in 1 bassinet cribs is everything you need to get started — a mattress, fitted sheet, handy carrying case, and plate and nylon strap set to lock the bassinet against an adult mattress. Mini Ezee bassinets fit beds up to 24″ tall from floor to top of mattress; a Leg Extension kit can be purchased separately for taller beds. This product is suitable for infant or newborn boys or girls — babies up to 5 months or not yet pushing up onto hands and knees. Trust the company that coined the phrase Co-Sleeper over two decades ago and patented the first bedside bassinet to connect to the parent bed.

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Age limitations: The bedside sleeper and the bassinet modes are for infants of up to approximately 5 months in age or when the child begins to push up on hands and knees, whichever occurs first. Move your child to another sleeping product when your child reaches this stage.

Measured from the floor to the top of the adult mattress. If your bed is greater than 24″ tall, a Leg Extension kit can be purchased separately. The Mini Ezee 2 in 1 Co-Sleeper weighs 25 lbs.

Federal standards require no more than a 1/2 inch (13mm) gap between bedside sleeper and an adult bed.

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini Ezee 2 in 1 bedside portable bassinet has a footprint of 34″ x 20″ x 32″. Weighs 25 lbs. Includes:

Fitted Sheet
Travel bag
Nylon Strap and resistant Plate
2 Wheels

bag cover for bassinetsbag cover for bassinets

See and reach your newborn boy or girl at all times with this side sleeper baby bed from the company that invented the term “co-sleeper”
Two modes: Bedside co-sleeper or freestanding baby bassinet with two wheeled legs
Foldable and portable bassinet for baby, with a carry case for travel, attached under-crib storage for larger baby stuff like changing products, and side pockets for smaller baby things like baby accessories and essentials
This co-sleeper for baby includes: mattress, fitted sheet, nylon strap and plate, 2 wheels, and carrying case for foldable crib. Attaches to beds up to 24 inches tall. Leg extenders sold separately for taller bed heights
Arms Reach Mini Ezee co-sleepers allow maximum visibility of baby at all times, with breathable mesh sides. Detachable side panel adjusts down for easy access for feeding or snuggling baby at night
Try the co-sleeping bassinet endorsed by the world’s most influential pediatricians, OB/gyns and child care experts


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