CASSARO Mini Climbing Pikler Triangle – Suitable for Infants and Young Toddlers



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Cassaro Pikler PlaysetCassaro Pikler Playset

Cassaro mini pikler triangleCassaro mini pikler triangle

Early Childhood Education based upon the Emmi Pikler approach

The origins of the Pikler triangle climbing frame come from Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian Pediatrician who pioneered theories on child development between the 1930 and 40s. She believed it was important to offer children the opportunities to move naturally according to their inherent ability.

Keep Kids Healthy and Active with CASSARO Pikler Playset

Young children today need smart, effective ways to stay physically active while they’re developing their gross motor skills and building self-confidence. That’s why we have developed an entire line of fun, well-balanced CASSARO Pikler Playset pieces. The set allows them to climb and explore in safe and exciting new ways. Great for indoor living room or bedroom play, our playsets can be used as individual pieces or combined to create an entire indoor activity center that allows children to play, stay active and gain new self-confidence.

Cassaro Mini Pikler TriangleCassaro Mini Pikler Triangle

Cassaro Mini Pikler TriangleCassaro Mini Pikler Triangle

Cassaro mini pikler triangle

Cassaro mini pikler triangle

Mini pikler triangle

Mini pikler triangle

Cassaro Mini Pikler Triangle

Cassaro Mini Pikler Triangle

Cassaro Mini Pikler Triangle

Cassaro Mini Pikler Triangle


Well-made, well balanced, and stays sturdy. You can let your child climb and play on this. It measures 31 inches long, 30 inches tall, and 35 inches wide. It is 5/8 of an inch thick, allowing it to support 100 lbs.

Premium Wood Construction

Make a guilt-free choice for your child. Crafted from natural birch EuroPly and solid beach wood rungs. This playset isn’t just a sustainable choice compared to plastic toys but is also extremely strong and aesthetically pleasing.


The safety of your little one is our primary concern. That is why we use water-based finish and make sure there are no splinters or sharp edges that can harm your child.

Portable Convenience

Thanks to its sleek and compact design, it can be easily carried anywhere in your house. Although it is designed to set up in your living room or bedroom, you also take it in your backyard on a beautiful sunny day.

Cassaro Pikler Triangle PlaysetCassaro Pikler Triangle Playset

Climbing and Exploration Playset

Our climbing toys give little ones plenty of exciting options to play, learn, and strengthen their growing bodies through physical activity. The triangles and cube pieces can be used individually, or you can set up an entire activity play center by combining with our reversible ramps and slides.

Designed for Infants – This cute mini triangle features a strong, sturdy base and short dowel rods to let the infants climb over on safely with adult sipervision.
Smooth, Easy-to-Grip Rungs – We use solid natural beechwood to ensure kids can safely keep hands and feet on multiple contact points while they’re playing.
Tiny little sister to our Large Triangle Play – Means you can neatly tuck it under the large triangle when it isn’t being used.
This mini triangle is designed for infants, but can take up to 150lbs. Suitable for indoor play, with a sleek design that will not look too loud in your living room or kid’s bedroom. It is safe, sturdy and compact and a great way to keep your little ones entertained!
Measures 17.5 inches long, 20.5 inches wide, and 17.5 inch tall. It is 5/8 of an inch thick, allowing it to support 150 lbs. Made from natural wood, finished with water-based paint and lacquer; and meets US and EU safety standards.


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