Dakota Alert BBA-4K-Plus IR Break Beam Solar Powered Motion Sensor Alarm System with Relay Outputs – RE-4k Plus Wireless Receiver and BBT-4000 Infrared Transmitter



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Dakota Alert BBA-4K-Plus IR Break Beam Alarm System
Complete your home or office security with the Dakota Alert BBA-4K-Plus Alarm System. The kit consists of one RE-4k Plus receiver and BBT-4000 transmitter (pair of sensors). The BBT-4000 transmitter uses an infrared (IR) photo beam to detect incoming visitors. Compared to other IR sensors, the BBT-4000 does not catch small things including falling leaves or birds. So, whenever the RE-4k Plus receiver receive an alert signal you are assured that it’s not a false alarm.
One of the advantages of the BBA-4K-Plus Alarm System is that you can connect multiple break beam transmitters. You can place more than the two sensors outdoors. This is helpful for people who hunt game or those who have a farm to protect. Simply mount each pair 300-FT apart. If a person crosses the IR beam, the sensors will automatically send the alarm signal to the RE-4k Plus receiver, even if it’s 4000-FT away from the sensors. Plus, the RE-4k Plus receiver is equipped with 1 voltage and 2 relay outputs. It gives you the versatility to connect the wireless receiver to other automation alarm system, including external sirens and strobe lights. You can program the trigger of the voltage and relay outputs into 1, 5, 15, seconds, or 5 minutes.

NOTE: Do not install the BBT-4000 with a different infrared detector model as it may cause a false alarm.


  • Detection Type: Infrared Break Beam
  • Wireless Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Wireless Operating Range (from Sensors to Receiver): Up to 4000-FT
  • Max Distance: 6~12″ between Sensor A and B, 300-FT apart between BBT-4000 Transmitters
  • Power Source: BBT-4000 Transmitter: Solar Panels, Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries | RE-4k Plus Receiver: 12V DC 500mA Power Supply
  • Operating Temperature: -30~120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dimensions: BBT-4000 Transmitter: 13.3 x 3.3 x 2.0″ | RE-4k Plus Receiver: 5 x 3.3 x 1.3″
  • Accessories: Mounting Hardware, Power Adapter
    WARNS YOU OF INTRUDERS – The Dakota Alert BBA-4K-Plus uses infrared break beam sensors to detect incoming visitor. It doesn’t detect small objects like falling leaves, so no worries about false alarms.
    OFFERS CONVENIENT 24/7 SECURITY – The BBT-4000 IR transmitter runs on Li-ion batteries and is recharged through the solar panels during the day. No need for you to continually recharge the batteries.
    OPERATES WIRELESSLY FOR UP TO 4000-FT – Once the BBT-4000’s IR photo beam has been breached; the transmitter will immediately send alert signals to the RE-4k Plus receiver even if it’s 4000-feet away.
    CAN BE CONNECTED TO OTHER ALARM SYSTEMS – The RE-4k Plus receiver has one 12V DC and two Form C relay outputs that can be linked with a strobe light, external siren or other automation alarm system.
    INCLUDES – Dakota Alert RE-4k Plus Wireless Receiver. Power Adapter. Dakota Alert BBT-4000 Infrared Transmitter (2 Sensors). Right-Angled, Cross, and U-Shaped Brackets. M4x12mm, M5x18mm, and M5x27mm Bolts. M4 and M5 Nuts.


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