Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater for Garage, Factory, Basement, Warehouse, and Outdoor Use, Beige



Price: $233.00
(as of Jun 08,2021 15:41:52 UTC – Details)

Heating large, drafty spaces can be difficult to say the least. The Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater offers an easy and effective way to provide lasting, comfortable warmth in even the most hard-to-heat areas. Suitable for indoor spaces as well as several outdoor spaces, this heater mounts easily to the wall; it provides warmth in home spaces as well as commercial spaces. It comes with a remote control to easily operate from a distance. It works smart; the automatic control delays fan use until the heating element is warmed. For added safety and durability, when the heater is at maximum capacity or turned off, the fan continues to operate until the heating element is cooled. By preventing the circulation of cold air and preventing an output of an excessive amount of heat, your space stays comfortable longer. Fahrenheat is part of the Marley Engineered Products family, which provides a wide range of innovative, quality engineered, commercial, industrial, and residential electric comfort heaters and ventilation solutions. All our products are engineered with aesthetics, functionality, safety, and structural tolerance in mind.

HEAVY DUTY HEATER: Warm-up just about any open space with this heater that provides long-term comfort solutions with its built-in single pole thermostat that adjusts from 45 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
CONTINUOUS COMFORT: If you have a large drafty space, this heater is ideal. Its powerful output means it can warm cold commercial areas, stores, service stations, spacious basements, and even outdoor areas like patios and workspaces.
EASY TO USE: This heater includes a ceiling mounting bracket for vertical or horizontal mounting, or any position that suits your space. It has adjustable louvers, so you can aim your heat directly toward your desired area and change as needed.
OUTPUT CONTROL: The high-level cutout automatically shuts off to prevent overheating and reactivates the heater when the temperature returns to normal. The built-in thermostat allows you to set your heat level to deliver as much warmth as you need.
COMPATIBILITY: Whether you need 208 or 240 volts, this heater is fully compatible with your electrical system.
Wattage: 5000 Watts


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