LVFEIER Multifunctional Mommy Belly Pregnancy Shielded EMF WiFi 5G RFID Radiation Baby Coral Fleece Baby (95 140CM)



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(as of Jun 08,2021 16:59:10 UTC – Details)

1 ■ The inside and outside of the blanket are made of soft flannel, and the middle layer is a reliable silver fiber shielding fabric.
2 ■ It can reduce EMF, RFID, Wi-Fi modem and other air conditioners, Bluetooth devices in homes and cars, smart meters, signal towers, microwave ovens, cordless phones, low frequency power boxes and other power sources such as wires, cables Wait. Make blankets a convenient way to isolate radiation from children and pregnant women.
3 ■ Reduce your concerns about daily radiation, such as mobile phones, wifi, laptops, etc. When using an iPad laptop and mobile phone during pregnancy, please use this blanket at the same time for more peace of mind.
4 ■ Ideal for placing on your lap and then not only for pregnancy, but also for a computer or iPad for baby blankets.
5 ■ You can use it as a play mat, baby blanket, or even a wrap, it is a very warm shielding blanket.
6 ■ Multiple uses: Use our shielded radiation baby blankets as car seat covers, stroller covers, care products or hugs, they may fall asleep in bed, crib, squat and race time. It is very convenient to carry your baby. Use at home, office, air-conditioned room or on the road.

☢ 1 ■ Pregnant woman shielding radiation blanket: can block the radiation of mobile phones, wifi, laptops, and achieve 99.9% efficacy. Tested in the laboratory. Block your baby from radiation during pregnancy and early childhood. Blankets are shielded from all forms of electronic equipment, cell phones, radios and other electromagnetic radiation.
☢ 2■Many uses: It is very suitable for putting a computer or iPad on your lap and curling it on the sofa. It is not only convenient for pregnancy, but also can be used when the baby uses the device. You can use it as a play mat, a baby blanket or a wrap wrap. You can use it in many different scenarios, whether on a bed, in a crib or in a package, as a car seat cover, stroller cover, quilt cover or as a cushion for the belly. It keeps you and your family away from radiation every time you use it.
☢ 3 ■Powerful shielding: Isolate electronic devices (such as WiFi routers, baby monitors, mobile phones, Bluetooth and laptops) from EMF / EMR up to 99.9% of radiation. Our baby blankets follow scientific principles: Each blanket is woven from a thin layer of silver fiber to form a Faraday shield that shields radio frequency (RF) and microwave electromagnetic fields.
☢ 4 ■High-quality materials: The inner and outer layers of our blankets are: flannel, the middle layer is: the shielding material is (including silver ions), and the inner lining reliably shields the EMF radiation. The silver fiber layer is a good radiation-shielded Faraday shield that filters out the radiation around you,Keep unborn babies from radiation. uitable for office or family or during pregnancy.
☢ 5 ■Easy to use and easy to clean: the outer layer can be machine-washed; the inner lining is removed during washing and washed by hand. Machine washing can easily damage the silver fiber of the lining. In addition, do not iron, twist, dry or bleach.


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