Rowing Machine Indoor Foldable Magnetic Rower with 16 Level Adjustable Quiet Magnetic Resistance, Ergonomic Seat and LCD Monitor Cardio Exercise Training for Home Use


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Product Description




Type: Magnetic Rower Machine
Color: Black
Power Source: Self-Generated
Display: Auto Scan, Time, Count, Total Count, REPS/Min, Calories
Max Weight Capacity: 243 LBS
Magnetic Resistance: 1-16 Levels
Folded Dimension: 37.4″(L)-19.7″(W)-42.3″(H)
Easy assembly: 95% had been assembled.









Fully Foam-Padded Handles

Allow a wider range of the motion, offering a more sufficient upper body workout. No matter you are beginners or expert, you can achieve the exercise goal you set.

Convenient Storage Box

Assures you not to trouble about where to put your phone or bottle when you are rowing.

Large Cushioned Seat

The large cushioned seat offers users a comfortable rowing experience, keeping discomfort of sit away from your exercise process.

Footplates with Adjustable Straps

The textured surface of the footplates offers increased stability. Adjustable straps make the footplates suitable for nearly all feet size.


1. Catch

Straighten arms; head in the middle, shoulders flat, and don’t hunch back.

The upper body is at one o’clock and the shoulders are before the hips.

The calf is vertical and does not lean forward.

The soles of the feet are in full contact with the pedals.


2. Drive

Straighten your arms, keep your upper body at one o’clock, and start pedaling hard with your legs.

In the process of straightening your legs, lean your upper body back to the eleven o’clock position and pull the paddle straight back to the lower ribs.


3. Finish

Straighten your legs, gently hold the handle, and place it on your lower ribs.

The upper body is at the eleven o’clock position-relying on the strong support of the core muscles to make the body lean back slightly.

The head is in the middle position.

Relax your shoulders and neck, move your arms across your body, and place your wrists flat.


4. Recovery

Extend your arm until it is completely straight.

Lean forward to one o’clock position.

After the hands and the oar handle passed over the knees, the knees were immediately bent, and the seat gradually slid forward on the monorail.


Multifunctional LCD Monitor

The monitor tracks your training data including Count, Total Count, Time & Calorie.

Easy to read and informative, Manage your training plan, help you see your progress and meet new goals more easily.


Portable and Space Saving Design

Portable transport wheels allow the user to easily move the machine to a room or store it out of sight. And the stabilizers help keep your Balance and Stability Exercises. Compact size gets the workout you need without sacrificing precious space.

Tension System





Magnetic + Air

Levels of Resistance

16 levels


According to the Water Level

8 levels

Max Weight Capacity

243 LBS

264 LBS

220 LBS

264 LBS

250 LBS

Digital Monitor

Time, Count, Calories, Total count

Scan, Count, Time, Calories and Distance

Speed, Time, Count, Total count and Calories burned

Time, SPM (stroke per minute), Distance, Strokes, Calories and Man-machine competition mode

Time, Distance, RPM, Calories, Watt, Count, TCNT

Slide Rail Material






Transport Wheels


Bottle Holder

Inseam Length

45 inches

43 inches

42 inches

44 inches

45 inches

Shipping Weight

64 lbs

64 lbs

57.3 lbs

86 lbs

58.9 lbs

💪【16-LEVEL MAGNETIC RESISTANCE 】16-Level adjustable resistance with magnetic control flywheel which can customize your own exercise difficulty by easily adjust the tension knob and also ensure your smooth and super quiet rowing experience without worrying about disturbing your families or neighbors.
💪【LCD MONITOR AND SAFETY STRAPS】The multi-functional LCD screen that tracks count, total count, reps/min, time, and calorie to meet your fitness achievements. The footplates with adjustable straps that fit in one of two positions which keep your feet secure during the workout.
💪【COMFORTABLE PADDED SEAT AND HANDLEBARS】The Rower Exercise Machine equipped with an ergonomically designed seat and hand grips with high-density foam making you feel comfortable when rowing the machine. The molded seat can slide easily and smoothly along the aluminum rowing beam.
💪【TOTAL BODY LOW-IMPACT WORKOUT】 The Magnetic Rowing Machine will tone and strengthen every muscle group on your back, legs, arms, abdominals, and buttocks, increase cardiovascular endurance without the fear of injury.
💪【FOLDABLE DESIGN FOR SIMPLE STORAGE】 Built-in transportation wheels and the overall dimension 76.4″L x 19.7″W x 16.5″ W making this a fairly compact machine. You can move this magnetic rower to any narrow corner in seconds and fold it up. Folded size: 37.4″L x 42.3″H. Weight Capacity: 243 LBS


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