Visionis FPC-7907 1 Door Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Outswing Door 1200lbs TCP/IP Wiegand Controller Box, Outdoor Weatherproof Keypad/Reader, EM MFR Compatible, Software, PIR, Receiver Kit


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Product Description

Visionis Access Control Visionis Access Control

Welcome to Visionis

one door access control RFID reader network control panelone door access control RFID reader network control panel

The 7907 kit is a one-door access control system with time and attendance. The kit comes with an outdoor IP68 digital touch keypad, a maglock and a ultra thin push to exit button with LED for each door plus a one-door network access control TCP/IP controller, wireless RF receiver, wireless RF remotes, proximity cards, and key tags. The controller comes with software that provides time and attendance, real time of who came in and who came out, a reporting system to view all events and a door restriction system.

With Visionis, you get peace of mind. Our security systems are built with you, the customer, in mind. Our access control products are built with high standards for optimum performance and reliability to ensure your satisfaction. The mindset at Visionis is to combine a modern feel with the inventive ingenuity. This allows us to provide you with a product that gives and maintains its quality and protects you all at once. Visionis is simply technology within your reach. We offer free tech support in English and Spanish.

Before purchasing, it is recommended that the customer checks with their local fire authority to see if there is any additional product they may need in order to comply with the local fire codes. We are not responsible for the improper installation of our product(s) or any type of fees that can be incurred by not complying with your local fire authority.

Includes CD software
Power supply and power cord included
Install wires are not included
This software is not compatible with MAC computers, only with Microsoft.

Security Built for You

network panel controllernetwork panel controller

The controller works with a 32-bit high speed processor and works through TCP/IP network communication. It supports Wiegand interface for accessing card reader and supports W26/W34. The system supports various card types such as normal, disabled, blacklist, patrol, visitor, duress, super card, and more. It has a tamper proof alarm for the reader and several alarms for unsecured door, forced entry, door opening, duress, and invalid card attempts. In addition, it supports online and offline operating mode with time synchronization via NTP, manual or automatic method.

32-bit high-speed processor TCP/IP network communication, with self-adaptive network interface. The communication data is encrypted to ensure information security Supports Wiegand interface for accessing card reader. Wiegand interface supports W26/ W34 and is seamlessly compatible with third-party card reader Massive storage with 10.000 users and 50.000 card swiping records Supports first card function, super card and super password function, online upgrade function and online remote control of the doors Supports various card types such as normal/disabled/blacklist/patrol/visitor/duress/ super card, etc. Supports tamper-proof alarm for card reader, unsecured door alarm, forced entry door alarm, alarm for door opening timeout, duress alarm, and alarm for invalid card swiping attempts alarm, case in alarm and restore, insufficient storage alarm for offline event, network break alarm The recognition and storage of card number with maximum 20 digits Supports online and offline operating mode Supports time synchronization via NTP, manual or automatic method Watchdog for device running status detection Data can be permanently saved when the access controller is powered off Client supports attendance function High/low temperature resistant design -20°C to +65°C (-4°F~+149°F)

Get Secured

The VISML1200LED magnetic door lock provides a strong sense of security with its outstanding holding force and significant features. The maglock is installed beneath the top of the door frame to make sure that the door remains closed and locked. With the VISML1200LED, you have up to 1200lbs of force protecting the door, which means it would take above 1200lbs of force to open the door if someone wanted to force entry into the door. The LED light on the maglock helps you identify when the maglock is locked and unlocked. When the light is red, the maglock is locked. When the light is green, the maglock is unlocked.

Hall Effect Contact: SPDT rated 2A at 24 VDC
Magnetic Contact Rating: 28 VDC, 0.2A, 5W
Anti-Rust Surface Treatment: Blue Zinc Plating
Operating Temperature: 0~55° C (32~131° F)
Weight (Magnet): 2.5 kg (±1%)
Dimensions: Magnet – (L)266x(W)67x(T)39 mm Armature – (L)185x(W)61x(T)16.5 mm
Green/Red LED Indication for EM Lock Status

The System for You

VIS-3000 outdoor keypad readerVIS-3000 outdoor keypad reader

A diverse keypad in its functionality, the VIS-3000 provides access through four different options. You can enter a pin code onto the keypad, use a proximity card, proximity key tag, or mobile phone that has built-in NFC (not compatible with IOS). Since this is software based system, the software will keep a record of all personnel and their assigned user ID with key code, key card, key tag, or mobile phone.

VIS-7005 exit button with LEDVIS-7005 exit button with LED

The VIS-7005 slim exit button with LED is a simple yet elegant push to exit button. With all the necessary outputs, NC NO COM, it is very easy to wire and install to your system. When the LED on the exit button is blue, the button is on standby mode. When the button is green, it means that the door is now open. This exit button is for indoor use only.

wireless receiverwireless receiver


Operating Frequency: 315mhz
Operating Temperature: 0-70°C or 32 – 158°F
Compatible Transmitter: VIS-8005
Connect up to 20 remotes to receiver.
Connectors: 5 screw Terminal (NO, COM, NC + -)


Voltage: 12/24V
Frequency: 315 MHz
Encoding Type: Fixed
Operating Distance: Up to 50M
Compatible Receiver: VIS-8004
LED Transmission: Blue LED light
Over 1,048,576 codes

(1) VS-AXESS-1ETL: One Door Network Access Control Panel Controller Board With Cabinet TCP IP Wiegand with Desktop Software and Power Supply Included 10,000 Users, (1) White Rquest to Exit Motion Sensor PIR for Access Control with Adjustable Time Relay
(1) VIS-ML1200LED: 1200lbs Indoor Electric Magnetic Lock with LED Sensor
(1) VIS-3000: Access Control Indoor Outdoor IP68 Metal Anti Vandal Digital Touch Keypad + Reader Standalone + Wiegand 26 Wide Design EM + MFR Cards Compatible 2000 Users, (1) VIS-7005: Indoor Ultra Thin Push + Touch to Exit Button for Door Access Control with LED Light NC COM and NO Outputs
(1) VIS-8004: 1-Channel Receiver 315mhz 11-24 VAC/DC, (2) VIS-8005: Fixed Code Transmitter, Pre-coded Wireless Remote
(10) VS-VIS-APROXCARD/26: Access Control Proximity contactless Smart Entry card 1.8mm thick 26 bit 125khz (10) VS-VIS-KEYTAG: Access Control Proximity contactless Smart Entry Keyfob 26 bit 125khz


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